When in Lux…




Here we are, in Luxembourg, and time is already flying! We arrived last Wednesday at 7:30 in Brussels, Belgium and took a 3.5 hour bus ride to get to the chateau, our school building. It’s beautiful and looks like a castle. We waited about 6 hours at the chateau until our host family got off of work to come pick us up. It was a very long wait, but it gave us time to relax, explore the chateau and meet new people. Finally, we were the second to last group to get picked up, but our family came and we finally got to meet them. I quickly learned that when they say that they don’t speak English, they really don’t. Thank goodness my roommate, Susanne, speaks a little French and can help us figure out things. It’s quite amazing here… most people speak many languages. Our host mom, Rita, is Italian and speaks French, German, Luxembourgish (yes, it is really a language- a mix of German and French), Italian, and a little Portuguese. I tried speaking Spanish with her, but she thought I was speaking Italian and it didn’t work! Our host dad speaks a little more English, but just very basic phrases; he is French. We also have two host sisters, 21 and 30, who live a block down the street. The younger one, Gwen, speaks English very well, and her sister Barbara also speaks a great deal of English. It’s fun when they visit because we can have a conversation in English! 

The first few days were orientation so we learned about Luxembourg and explored Differdange and Luxembourg city! We got to see a castle, a Luxembourgish school, and a winery. It was a great way to start our time here. Classes started yesterday and it was time to get down to business! I had two classes yesterday and one was 3 hours long! I am really excited about our class study tours. We have two classes where we take a trip with our class and the professor to places that we have been learning about in class. For my anthropology class, we are studying Multiculturalism in Europe and are traveling to Barcelona! I’ll finally be able to use my Spanish and we might even get to see a soccer match. For my History class, we are studying the last 100 years of Germany and traveling to Munich and a few other German cities. 

The school also plans discovery tours where we visit a place for a Friday afternoon. This Friday, we signed up to visit an Abbey and Brewery in Belgium. It should be a great experience and lots of fun! Looking forward to experiencing all that Europe has to offer!



2 thoughts on “When in Lux…

  1. Hi Carli! Sounds like you’ve done so much already in such a short time. Glad you’re enjoying yourself! What’s the weather like there right now? Believe it or not it’s cold here in Cleveland but no snow!!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Love, Aunt Diane

    • Hi Aunt Diane,
      Thanks for replying. We have had so much fun already and have gotten to do so much. I can’t believe there is no snow in Cleveland! We’ve had tons of snow the past few days and its pretty cold here. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated and entertained!

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